Andrew Heathcote

Andrew is the new kid on the block at challenges4change, joining the trio of Dan Welch, Mike Cannon and Dan Cooper.  Andrew is well regarded by the team having known him since University.

With The Water Cycle Challenge now just a short time away, Andrew is undoubtedly nervous for what’s to come. He has always been a keen sportsman however has never undertaken a challenge of this magnitude. ‘It’s difficult because I don’t really know what to expect. I imagine that my body will be put through a huge amount of pain, I think there will be extreme highs and extreme lows and I cannot wait to push my body to its limit, and see how I cope.’

Since University Andrew has embarked upon a career in the media, as a film maker and television researcher/assistant producer. His ambition is to combine his love for film and documentary with his degree of International Development to produce programmes that educate others about the wider world. As such, he will be teaming up the challenges4change production team to complete the team  video diary, if he’s not too tired at least!

andrew with bike