The Night Before…

You look around and see people like Bradley Wiggins, the Brownlee brothers and Mo Farah pushing their limits. It’s that pioneering spirit of using what you’ve got and pushing yourself as far as you can go. You know a lot of people think about it but it’s whether you actually go through with it.

We cycled 6,000 miles accross 18 countries to Kenya in 2011, we have a lot of experience to draw upon, we know what is possible. I look back on that and how far we went and can’t help but think what is the potential, how far can we take this?

It started out as an idea to complete 12 endurance challenges in 2013 for charity and see how much we could raise for charity. The idea of doing one big challenge though had been in my mind for a while, I’ve had a lot of time to think about it. This sort of thing just needs a fuck it point, sort of like a tipping point, that point where you just decide to jump off that waterfall and you just have to commit to it, you have to see it through to the end. For us that came early in the year when we were doing a smaller challenge of cycling 200 miles in two days.

That’s when we decided to climb Mont Blanc, cycle back to the UK and run 82 miles. Sure there were a few things we had to figure out along the way. We had no climbing experience between us and we had never run more than 13 miles. so it’s been a learning curve along the way and no doubt will be over the next 14 days. We have been resourceful as much as possible, and got a few test runs in. I would be lying if I said doubts hadn’t crept in at this stage. What will happen along the way is still unknown but I believe in the spirit of what we are doing. No matter what happens I will be able to look at the other two and know they have given everything and gone that extra inch for me.

This night long train to Mont Blanc will be a chance to sit down and think about the challenge ahead. I won’t be able to avoid feeling lonely and vulnerable – This challenge is the hardest task I have ever set myself and honestly I have no idea if I will be able to complete it. I know though as soon as I step on that mountain, that all that will be gone, it’s lost, I’ll get this mad moment where it doesn’t matter what the hell happens, all I’ll care about is focusing on the challenge and I won’t give a poop as we’ll all keep going until our legs come off…

Wish as luck and DONATE!

Dan Welch.