Daniel Cooper

Dan Cooper is a co-founder of the challenges4change team.  He was part of the originals who successfully completed the ‘cycling4change’ challenge in 2011 where a team of four university pals cycled unaided from London to Mombasa, Kenya in 99 days.

using local wellsDan also completed the ‘climb, cycle, run’ challenge that involved climbing Mont Blanc unguided, cycling 600 miles across France and running 82 miles back to London all back to back.  Despite never climbing a mountain before or running more than a half marathon, Dan took training seriously.  He climbed Snowdon in Wales and did a 30 mile training run 4 weeks before departure.  It’s little wonder he ‘threw his toys out of the pram’ during the challenge then.  His successful efforts with the team raised over £3,500 for charity though.  Check out the team video diary at https://vimeo.com/80132921

climb 2 In 2015 Dan has moved to Singapore, as such he won’t be taking part in the ‘Water cycle challenge’ this year but hopes to join up with the team latter this year for another challenge that’s yet to be announced..

climb 7