Daniel Welch

Daniel Welch, 25 is a co-founder of the challenges4change team.  He was part of the originals who successfully completed the ‘cycling4change’ challenge in 2011 where a team of four university pals cycled unaided from London to Mombasa, Kenya in 99 days.

Dan welch

In 2013 Dan completed the ‘Climb, Cycle, Run’ challenge with Dan Cooper and Mike Cannon describing it as the ‘hardest thing’ he had ever done.  In 14 days the team climbed Mont Blanc unguided (despite this being the first mountain any of them had ever climbed), cycled 600 miles across France and ran 82 miles from Dover to London.  By the end they were all dead on their feet.  Before the challenge the furthest any of them had ran was 30 miles.  Check out the trip video - https://vimeo.com/80132921


Dan is now nervously looking forward to the ‘Water cycle challenge’ that begins May 30th 2015.  Dan and Mike Cannon hope to complete 1,200 miles cycling, climb the three peaks and kayak the length of the River Thames in just 14 days.  The challenge will also involve a world record attempt as they look to beat the current record of 46.5 hours to climb all three peaks and cycle between them.  That’s 440 miles cycling and the three highest peaks in the UK in under two days AFTER having already cycled 650 miles from London to Ben Nevis, Scotland in the first leg of the challenge.  ’I'm nervously looking forward to this one, you know its a challenge when you’re not quite sure if its possible or not.  kayaking will be a new discipline so the tidal part of the River Thames could be tricky, maybe a little dangerous.  Before that though there’s the small matter of trying to set the three peaks on bikes world record’…