‘Cycling4change’ Challenge 2011

Cycle 6,000 miles from London to Kenya

The challenges4change team started out as four university students, drunkenly discussing how they could avoid getting real jobs!  Somehow that drunken chat lead onto the idea of peddling from London to the Glad’s House charity in Mombasa, Kenya!  That plan stuck.  The plan was to pedal between 80 miles daily over a four month duration, covering three continents and over 6,000 miles. Starting in London, the trip would take them through Central Europe and the Middle East before completing the journey in Africa.

As a team they had virtually zero cycling experience and when they left Tower Bridge they were underprepared – they didn’t even have a map. Day one was meant to see the team make Dover for an early morning ferry, instead they made it as far as an old ladies floor in a little village called Bridge!  Over the next couple of weeks they stumbled from town to town and country to country, experiencing camping next to a motorway, cycling in the dark, getting ill, going to the wrong places (Nurenbourg instead of Nurnberg where they were meant to be), falling off and falling off again, but they also experienced beautiful sights, great people, a street festival, magnificent generosity and by the time 8 weeks had passed they were in Turkey!

The planning the team did do before the trip was mainly for their time in North Africa.  After leaving though Syria and Egypt erupted into violence and a new plan was needed to avoid these places.  In the end the only feasible alternative meant that the team flew to South Africa and cycled up to Mombasa.  Africa was truly amazing for the team some of their experiences included game reserves, wild animals, slums, guns, machetes, war torn countries, land mines, police stations, amazing locals, a coconut factory, fake US dollars, incredible views, a dessert, hitchhiking, snakes and spiders, malaria, salty water, corrupt officials.  After all of that and 99 days though they made it to Mombasa in one piece!

Over £5000 was raised for the Glad’s House charity.