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‘The Water Cycle’ Challenge 2015

THREE activities, TWO charities. ONE World Record Attempt.

Ladies and gents, the intrepid members of Challenges4Change are back for yet another absurd adventure. Brace yourself, this one might cause a few ripples…

  • Cycle 1,200 miles  
  • “Three peaks on bikes” world record
  • Kayak 145 miles down the River Thames
  • 14 long days

In June we are attempting to circumnavigate the UK through a combination of cycling, climbing and kayaking over 14 long, long days. Oh, and If that’s not bonkers enough, we are looking to set a new world record in the process.The four gruelling stages are as follows:

Stage 1: We plan to warm up through days 1-7 by cycling 550 miles from London Tower Bridge to Ben Nevis in Scotland.

Stage 2: Days 8-9 we shall be attempting the ‘Three peaks on bikes’ world record. This is quite simply cycling the 440 miles between the 3 highest peaks in the UK and hiking the 27 miles to climb each one. Oh, and all in under 46.5 hours. What a breeze…

Stage 3: We are allowing ourselves a cool-down period on days 10 and 11 as we cycle the 150 miles from Snowdon to Gloucester. What better way to relax!

Stage 4: On days 12-14 we finally get off our bikes, slip into our wetsuits and kayak the River Thames back to London Tower Bridge. Casual 145 miles back to where we started.


The challenge will start at 8pm on Saturday 30th May and finish 14 days later as we glide past Tower Bridge at around 3pm on Saturday 13th June…give or take.  NB. Before the 8pm start time we will be holding a launch party to celebrate in central London (venue TBC) before setting off and would love for you to join us!! Further details to follow..

As ever we are raising money for our chosen charities Glad’s House and WaterAid. Find out more about us, our charities and our previous crazy challenges on the website.Make sure you follow our facebook page on facebook for ongoing updates.